Check Out the Official EDC Orlando Trailer

By September 15, 2016 Uncategorized

What makes a good party? Music: thumping. Dancing: nonstop. Performers: funky. Rides: spinning. Art, firework, and special effects: mind-blowing! What’s missing? Only YOU!

If you’ve ever wondered what goes into planning one of Insomniac’s most epic events, we’ve got something super special for you. The official EDC Orlando 2016 trailer takes you behind closed doors and into Insomniac headquarters to give you a glimpse at just what it takes to create something as magical as EDC — sorta.

Peep the ‘50s-inspired instructional video above, courtesy of Insomniac Instructional Films, and learn exactly how to throw a proper party.

PS: Watch the original party instruction video — from which we pulled inspiration for our EDC Orlando 2016 trailer — in full and see how people used to get down back in the black-and-white days. What a time to be alive!