A Beginner’s Guide to EDC Orlando

Rise and shine, Headliners! EDC Orlando is finally here! As you’re making your final preparations for the upcoming, fun-filled festival weekend, we wanted to share some quick tips with all of our new Headliners who are joining us Under the Floridian Electric Sky so they, too, can soak up all of what EDC Orlando has to offer!

Check out our beginner’s guide to EDC Orlando, and make sure to share any of your helpful festival tips in the comments below.

Visit kineticTEMPLE Over and Over Again


First off, you have to visit kineticTEMPLE. Spreading 245 feet wide and standing 80 feet tall, this fresh, newly designed stage is packed with vibrant visuals, colorful decor, and state-of-the-art sound design to present Insomniac’s signature storytelling experience. Let your imaginations run wild as kineticTEMPLE tells a story of creativity, nature, life and technology. Your energy brings kineticTEMPLE to life, so make sure to return over and over again throughout the weekend.

But Please Do Visit the Other Stages


edclv2016_0618_020854-0720_dvs_WEBYes, kineticTEMPLE is a must-see, must-do experience, but there’s more to explore! We want to give a warm and special shoot-out to all of our Floridian bass-heads. We know how big the bass scene is out there, and we want to remind you that there’s plenty of low-end frequencies to embrace at EDC Orlando. On day one, Bassrush takes over circuitGROUNDS, where the bass-loving crew is sure to bring you the heaviest sounds in dubstep, trap, drum & bass and more. In the mood for some feels-inducing trance? Then groove your way over to neonGARDEN to get your fix, where trance lovers will unite as one big, happy family on the dancefloor when Dreamstate takes over on night one.

New Stage Designs for circuitGROUNDS and neonGARDEN


noc2016_0903_182206-4540_jsl_WEBPlus, both circuitGROUNDS and neonGARDEN will this year introduce designs never before seen at EDC Orlando. Following the success of circuitGROUNDS’ 360-degree design at EDC Las Vegas 2016, we’re adapting a version of the immersive structure for EDC Orlando, which will be the largest production stage to ever appear at the East Coast festival. Measuring 160 feet in diameter, circuitGROUNDS will display over 1,000 pyrotechnic units in a circular array of towering pods and booming bass. Additionally, a 150-foot-tall circus-style tent will house neonGARDEN for the first time ever. Packed with lasers, deep house vibes, and techno tunes, there will be no shortage of energy emitted from neonGARDEN.

Download the EDC Orlando App


edc_orlando_2016_misc_mobile_app_set_times_1080x1080_r02v02_WEBThe EDC Orlando app is the be-all and end-all for every one of your festival needs in one nifty place. Via the user-friendly app, you can find everything you’re looking for, including water stations, food vendors, full set times, festival map and more. The app also includes a new LiveStory feature, powered by Amazon Web Services, which creates a shareable personal timeline and playlist for users based on the sets you watch while walking around the venue over the weekend using Bluetooth beacon technology. Download and browse through the app now to help navigate through the festival grounds and explore everything EDC Orlando has to offer.

Take a Break by the Lake



We’ve been dancing Under the Electric Sky for over 20 years now, so trust us when we tell that you’re feet will be hurting after two days of dancing and jumping. Take a nice stroll around the venue’s lake, which we lovingly dub Bass Lake, have an impromptu picnic with your festival fam around the water, or dose off for a quick disco nap under the shade of the trees. Plus, the lakeside view makes for the ultimate festival selfie.

Dress Up and Make a Totem!


13735816_1273455926028076_1005638520869007622_o_WEBHeadliners know costumes and totems are a big part of what makes EDC Orlando so memorable. Give your creative and artistic juices a chance to shine at EDC by dressing up and wearing an imaginative costume. And make sure to express yourself through your arts and crafts skills via your unique totems. We know how hard you work on those bold outfits and super-dynamic totems, so bring you’re A-game and enhance the EDC experience for your fellow Headliners around you.

Hop on Some Rides and Meet the Performers


14633622_1394191370621197_1486358240181928216_o_WEBIt’s not EDC without the joyous carnival rides and artsy performers. Headliners, we know there’s tons of hustle and bustle going on during the festival weekend, but we want you to take the time and enjoy the various rides and numerous performers across the festival. Hop atop the Dream Wheel for a bird’s-eye view of the festival. Take a whirling twirl on the Delusion. Swing high and swing low on the giant Swings ride. And don’t forget to snap a selfie with every performer you see.

Hop on the Zip Line


Do we really have to explain this one? Pro tip: Make this the first thing you do at the festival. The lines get long as more people enter EDC.

Befriend a Local Headliner, Because Floridians Are the Best


14715016_1378113712228963_5538195877061698257_o_WEBHands down, EDC Orlando attracts some of the friendliest Headliners around, and we want make sure your Southern hospitality spreads around the world. Make it a point to make some new friends this year and share your festival love. Say hello to a stranger, share a high five and compliment your fellow Headliners around you. The best part of EDC is being able to share the experience alongside your new festie bestie.

Grab Your Merch!


13708269_1273453249361677_1620057917795079659_o_WEBEvery year brings a different experience, and we want you to keep all those memories forever. Stop by any of the merch booths and grab your goodies to remind you of all the good times you had at EDC Orlando. You’ll find everything from hats, shirts, water bottles, flags and more Head to the merch booths early in the daytime before sizes and products sell out.