Your barcode-enabled wristband will grant you entry through the gates of EDC Orlando! DO NOT PUT ON OR TIGHTEN YOUR WRISTBAND TILL FESTIVAL DAY. Keep it somewhere safe until the festival date arrives.

Putting It On

Ready to enter EDC? Here’s the proper way to put on your wristband:

  • Handle your wristband carefully to ensure you don’t pull it closed before you put it on.
  • Insert your RIGHT HAND through the band, and position it comfortably on your wrist.
  • Pull the tail through the plastic case until only ONE FINGER can fit between the band and your wrist.
  • Tug on the band slightly to ensure it is fastened and cannot slide off your wrist.
  • DO NOT CUT the loose end! Tuck it with the band.
  • Not sure if you have your wristband tight enough? Don’t worry—security staff will check and help you if needed.
  • Once it’s on, be good to it! Wristbands will be void and confiscated if tampered with or removed.
  • DO NOT: Cut it, stretch it, modify it in any way, tighten it before it’s time to put it on, or put it on anything other than your own right wrist.

At the Festival

  • Scan your wristband at the scanner, and wait for security to wave you through.
  • If you have any trouble scanning your wristband, visit the customer service booth near the gate.
  • Remember: Ins & outs are not allowed! Each wristband can be scanned into the event only once per day.
  • Do not remove your wristband until you plan to leave the festival property for the final time.
  • Damaged, lost or stolen wristbands may be replaced at the box office for a $20 replacement fee.